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2019 Gents Gravel Race

It's now April, the start of the fourth month of the year. My wife and I came back from the California desert in late January to be greeted by below zero weather and lots of snow. Snow that stuck around through February and into March. For me, I got a chance to strap on the skinny sticks, and reaquaint myself with the swimming pool. For many, I'm sure the zwifting sessions grew to be unbearable when our second largest snowfall ran into the rains of March. This March and into today in every direction my home, my trafficless paths are blocked by flooded rivers, so finding gravel or a quiet county road is a bit difficult. This is the spring of the discontent, the spring where gravel was soup, slop or deep ruts, and anyone from this flyover state was greatly anticipating a weekend of sun.

Race HQ, Nitehawk Bar and Grill

Now in it's ninth edition, theGents race has become a right of spring in central Iowa and is one of our spring classics. It's a simple concept, round up a team of five, make a donation to the Furry Friends Refuge and have a fun.

Rob Versteegh, one of the many who make this event happen.

So far the sun wasn't making an appearance, and the skies tried more than a few times to let the rain fall and it was getting to be a little chilly standing around the start line.

Steve Canon giving last minute instructions.

First leg, South.

Off into the fog and drizzle.

North of where this shot was taken I found undercarriage station wagon scraping gravel.

Dashing Derby Dudes

Zoom in closely to see which way the wind is blowing.

Four teams of five.

High fives indeed.

All smiles.

Check point Snus Hill Winery

The Snus Hill Winery is about the midway point of the race. A short four miles from the start, it could be really tempting to take a short cut. Either way, the vibe at the winery was very happy, upbeat, fun and just lots of smiles.

Second leg, North.

Add people kitted out in bright shiny colors and the flat lifeless plains we live on come to life.

Gravel Sharks: Doug Balavanz, Mary Foley Balvanz, Lance Oliver, Adam Wombacher, and Tom Scroggins.

Team Girls Gone Gravel and Velorosa Cycling Team!! Deanne Kraai Herr, Krystyn Williams, Ali Young, Rose Willey, and Martina Schubert

Type Too Fun, with Brad Stoermer, Jennifer Borst, Greg Grandgeorge, John Newell, and Heather Poskevich.

Bruce Reese, Christopher Mahhary, Rob Versteegh, Kyle Sedore

Maria von Ruthenburg, Kristin Strawhacker and Cindy Dubois

Team Edge Physical Therapy from Omaha is the first team across the finish line.