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East Village Criterium - Des Moines Iowa, Sunday August 2 2019

The shade tree's lining East Grand had crowd of enthusiastic cycling fans under them all afternoon long. And for a good reason, if you ventured onto the pavement, the reflective heat bouncing back off the pavement was hot enough to fry an egg.

Jeff Mertz calls a race to the start line, under the big white puffy clouds.

Tires pumped up, check. Number, oops...!

At the front of the men's 4 race.

Luis A Rodriguez takes the win!

Joshua Rinderknecht's strategy was take a flyer.

Most likely the hardest fought sprint of the day.

The blue shirts make it happen

Women's Race

Three o'clock, and it's 50 minutes of climbing up Grand Avenue in 90 degree heat, with little to no wind to cool you down. These are the kind of conditions that can just take the wind out of your sails if you're not prepared.

Hand Up's

The reflecting wall.

Gas pedal to the floor.

It didn't take long for a break of John Heinlein, Tyler Reynolds and Reece Linder to form and start putting distance on the field. By mid race, the field was lapped and the attacks immediately fired off the front, to see who would claim the fourth finishing spot.

Bell lap, time for a little cat and mouse.