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Music on the March - Dubuque Iowa, Friday July 12 2019

Max Wiltse, son of our friends Mark and DeAnn Wiltse is playing in theCavaliers Drum and Bugle Corp this summer. When we found out they would be playing inMusic on the Marchin Dubuque, we knew we wouldn't miss this show.

6 PM, one hour before showtime

Moving around eight drum and bugle corps takes a lot of people, buses and semi truck trailers to get each band from show to show. Somehow or another they packed all of the logistical things into the neighborhood at the top of the hill surrounding the Dubuque High School. For the Cavaliers, moving the band of 150 around takes five coach buses, and three semi-trailers, one of which is a mobile kitchen. Scattered amongst the logistics of a traveling band, we found that there's time for to polishing the brass, some last minute warm ups, fine tuning the snare drums, and even a little nap.

Dad and Grandpa get some rest too.

Show Time

The first half of the show was led off by the Colt Cadettes, followed by Shadow,River City Rythm and the Madison Scouts.

Colt Cadettes

Colt Cadettes

River City Rythym

Madison Scouts

World Class Corps

The Academy

The Blue Stars

The Cavaliers

They are on a thrity show season this summer and Dubuque was stop number 12. See if they are playing near you.

Max Wiltse

The Colts, Dubuque Iowa