World Cup Cyclocross Photography


There are three days of racing at Jingle Cross, with two elite UCI races and the World Cup all on separate days. The Wold Cup has always been held in full sunlight and the UCI races in 2017 both were held long after the sun set, creating a wonderful nighttime canvas that provides the opportunity to paint some really exceptional photographs that are not possible when the sun is shining.

This first photograph is of the elite women charging hard down the starting straight away. In this shot, the MUSCO lights do a good job of lighting up the dust that's being kicked up by the women.


For the start of the men, I was using almost the same vantage point as I used for the women's start, but moved off to the right, focused on an area that was not lit up by the stadium lights. Throw in one small speed light, camera left and Telenet Fideas Quinten Hermans and Michael Boros of Pauwels Sauzen take the hole shot. If you look really close, you'll see that Quinten's inboard foot is unclipped.


Here Quinten Herman easily clears the barriers. The big Musco stadium lights are doing a really good job of lighting up the barries from the left. To stop motion like this requires a really fast shutter speed. By throwing in a speed light camera right, I can use a low ISO setting and use the really short flash duration to freeze the action.


Here Gianni Vermeersch powers up the top of the climb in his big ring. Up on the top of Mt. Krumpit, its really really dark even with the lone stadium light. Press your shutter with the ambient light, and with a super high iso you might luck out and be able to make out the text on the barricades. Throw in your own light just uphill of Giannia and viola!


Here is another Krumpit picture where you can pick out Caroline Mani's trademark grimace.


Near the end, Laurens Sweeck has a huge time gap on everyone else and floats over the barricades. I'm 40 meters away using a long lens, and if you take a careful look, you'll spot my speed light clamped to the fence.



I think it's harder to get really unique and interesting photo's during the daylight. That may just be me. I'm not certain who the Flyers guy is, but this really captures what it's like to make turn from the top of Krumpit into the hair pin turn that if you follow the fall line, just drops straight down. 


Sanne Cant dominated the Women's World Cup event. Ellen Nobles wearing the Rapha kit is even shouldering her bike here.


My World cup photo's were shot for a European publication called GritCX. They had the rights to publish for the first 90 days, so this is the first time I've show these anywhere else. In this image, Stephen Hyde, Americas hope to make it big crests Krumpit.


Near the top of Krumpit is a roped off area for the press. There's a guy shooting the live video feed, and two others with still cameras. The guy at the front wearing the world championship stripes is Wout Van Aert. This is early on in the race where no one else can match his tempo.


A few laps later and VanAert continues to push the pace, and forces everyone else to try to keep from being gapped.