Iowa State Cyclocross Championships

Women's 1/2/3 State Championship

If you showed up to race today you had better be prepared to go fast from the gun. The course was fast, dry and built for speed. From the gun, Alijah Beatty pushed the pace hard. Before the first lap was over, Alijah Beatty, Brittany McConnel, Elizabeth Van Houweling, Carly Thomsen and Raylyn Nuss formed a solid group off the front.

With three laps to go, Alijah Beatty makes a move to put a her mark on the race, and no one can respond.

Carly Thomsen and Elizabeth Van Houweling claw their way back up to Beatty.

At thirty seven minutes into the race Carly Thomsen has moved to the front and doesn't look back. Thomsen wins the day followed by Raylyn Nuss and Alijah Beatty.

Men's 1/2/3 Championship

Just like the women's championship, this race was hard charging and fast from the start. The tactic of the day was push the gas hard and see who can keep up.


The speed did not relent and this group of six, including Kevin McConnel Dillon McNeil and Shad Smith start to make their mark on the day.


Brian Baumhover pushing the pace of the first chase group.

Fifty three minutes into the race Kevin McConnel, Shadd Smith, Dillon McNeil and Joe Peterson are still together.