Portraits and Bluebells in Denmans woods

I've known Denmans Woods, sandwiched between Waterworks park and Greenwood Park mostly as a great place to ride mountain bikes. It's kind of tucked away out of sight, out of mind for most people in the metro area. We were looking for a special place to take some portraits for Brian and Teri's daughter Izzy. Izzy loves the outdoors and riding her mountain bike, so we thought Denmans would be the perfect place for our photo shoot. 

Not too far into the woods off the levy was our first stop for the evening. 

I've never seen the wildflowers carpeting the forest floor around here like this. It's truly been a great spring here. And Izzy's favorites are the Bluebells!

It was seriously a pleasure and fun to spend the evening behind the lens capturing these memorable moments.