Headshot Photography, making first impressions

When it comes to your profile picture, you only have seconds to make a first impression.

What does your headshot photograph say about you?

Make sure your headshot matches your brand.  Whether used on your company's web site or for a social profile, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person, and how you conduct business. The type of photograph you select is a personal branding decision, however a blurred or poorly cropped images will convey a lack of attention to detail that will carry over to your reputation.

The image you select for your headshot needs to convey something about your personality, show confidence and show that your are approachable. When you are in front of the camera, a good photographer will direct and guide you to move your body, head and facial expressions into positions that bring out the best of you.

 Professional Portraits with Personality

Other things to consider for your headshot are clothing and location. Suits and ties may be appropriate if you want to convey a professional can get it done attitude, and something more casual is appropriate if that's how you meet and work with your prospective clients and customers on a daily basis. The bottom line is your clothing should reflect the real you, and be reflective of the personal brand you want to portray. 

Headshot portraits can be made using studio setting using a plain background, or may use an environmental location. Either way, gone are the days of headshots being boring or stuffy. If you're more comfortable in your daily environment and if that location ties in something that's a part your brand, then by all means use of it. 

Lastly, we all go through physical changes over time, so if it's been more than two years since your last headshot, chances are you're in need of a new one. 

Call, email or text and let's talk about what you want your headshots to look like.