24 Hours of Cummings

The street in front of the Cumming Tap is lined with cars with bike racks and at 9 AM and it's pretty quite around the Cumming Tap. The 100k and 200k race is underway, and the 400k races departs in an hour. I walked through the front door of the Tap and found Steve Cannon and Michele Smith-Jones prepping for the start of the 400K.

400k Riders Meeting

9:45 and Canjo gathers everyone to discuss last minute race details. There's no sense of any nervousness from the riders, everyone seems calm and relaxed. If you downloaded and are using last years gpx files for the four loops, you'll be pretty lonely this year. The order of riding the loops has been changed up to give the 100k and 200k riders some different scenery, and there's been some construction along the routes that's caused a few changes. Not a look of concern from the riders, these guy and gals are all pretty experienced in the ultra world.




Go Time

As soon as Stretch Wilson and Tony Coppock give Canjo the signal that it's clear to cross G14, the race will be underway. My plan is to follow the race out and try and connect up with the 100K race leaders. I'll be piloted by Lang Wightman and will be able to grab some shots from the side car of his Ural motorbike.


Found the 100k race, here John Newell is homeward bound as the 400k heads out.