North Polk Comets win at State quarter finals

The comets met up with 17-2 Tri-Center team from Neola IA. For the first ten minutes of the game, both teams looked pretty evenly matched. In the games I've been able to watch, the comets usually get off to a fast start.  It was a hot afternoon, and the comets first trip to state and a big game, which might have played into a little slower start.

Turn On the Speed

The tide of the game changes as Joy Smith takes a pass and out maneuvers and drives by four defenders.

The first goal ignites the team, and sets the tone for the rest of the game.

Emily Larson sets up a play that allows Jalen Heintz put the second point up on the board.

Second Half

Similar to the last Monday's regional game in Alleman, the comets dominated the game and kept Tri-Center on defense for most of the game. They do this by doing a really good job of clearing the ball, relying on each other, and setting up plays.