2016 Okoboji 200 Stop The Traffic

 Rocky Vest giving an passionate talk.

Rocky Vest giving an passionate talk.

Human trafficking. I bet that's something you don't normally think much about here in central Iowa. Supreme court Justice Mark Cady, in his 2016 Iowa State of the Iowa Judiciary, Cady states "We can no longer view human trafficking as a problem reserved for major cities in America," he said. "It exists as a dark underworld in many communities across Iowa and is associated with some of Iowa's most iconic places and events. There is no justice when children are abused and exploited. A prompt, comprehensive and coordinated effort is needed to identify victims of human trafficking and provide the services and protection they need." You can read the full article here.

Founded by Rocky Vest, Andy McCoy and Brad McClure in 2011, the event has grown from a small handful to an event to a real good size group of folks committed to raising awareness to human trafficking and raising funds to support survivors of human trafficking in both Des Moines and Nepal.

This year, the ride starts on Friday, June 26th from Valley West Stadium in West Des Moines, with a pre-ride dinner the night before.  You can register for the event, or learn more here at the Okoboji 200 web site or here at their Facebook page.