Summerset Shootout at Banner Lake

My style of covering events usually involves moving around from place to place and working the coarse. I just always like to get a few nice shots from one location and than move onto the next. That becomes really tricky with mountain bike racing cause it's so hard to get around on foot without getting in the way of the race. Then toss in some really harsh lighting conditions in the woods, where most of the races take place, and it's just never added up for me to spend much time shooting at mountain bike race. Plus, I was usually racing which makes shooting a race impossible. Today, my mountain bike shoes were two and a half hours away from home. Racing today would mean using my road shoes and road pedals...

Most of the first set of photo's were taken on the first section of corner pocket. Here's a few of my favorites, a few local racers looking real pro like!

Jason Dahl

TJ Fort

Dave Mable

Next, onto extra credit, right along the road.

Curt Benson

Joann Schmidt